The International Business School Groningen (IBS) is preparing well-rounded business professionals for the international workplace. The development and practice of professional behavior is therefore of highest importance and plays a significant role throughout the four-year curriculum. Aspects of professional behavior include social responsibility and giving back to the community. Even though the highlight of this professional development line is the semester-long placement abroad in the students’ third year, the subject is also addressed before and after in a number of subjects including the Community Credit.


Community Credit (CCR) is an independent learning module, in which students are asked to deliver a service for the community of IBS or Hanze UAS at large and, thus, make a contribution to the smooth running of the organization and the high level of student support. They have to apply the self-knowledge and self-organizing skills acquired in, among others, PRD to go through the process of job solicitation, proposal approval, task execution, and acquisition of employer feedback. This process takes place in a protected environment and the relatively clearly arranged situation of executing a task to the benefit of the IBS/Hanze community. To safeguard the quality of the assignments only IBS or Hanze staff members may serve as employer; in addition, all assignments have to be approved beforehand by the CCR coordinator. Since only pre-approved activities will be considered for credit, regardless of the quantity or quality of the work delivered, students have to submit their CCR proposal form in a timely manner. This trains the students’ self-management and planning skills and mirrors the real-life situation of handing in application documents in a solicitation process.